Meet Scum Bag pond life of the Week Adam Boon from Portsmouth

Written in her own word Ange Goater: Pictured is a low life of named Adam Boon who lives at 259 Allaway Avenue in Paulsgrove near Portsmouth On Tuesday 19th I was in a garage at Cosham. The man before me had filled his car up and had forgotten his wallet. An argument started as the cashier wouldn’t let the man take his car to get his wallet. He said his partner worked at QA and he couldn’t get her from work. I asked him how much his bill was, £65 he said. For some stupid reason, I heard myself say “I’ll get it for you, but you have to pay me back”. The man was overwhelmed, called me his angel and said he’d regained his faith in humanity. He gave me his name, address and telephone number and said he’d call me at 6pm that night. By 19.30 I was getting a bit worried so I called him. He answered and said he was driving but would call me in 30 minutes. He didn’t call. I texted him but received no reply. Wednesday 21 November I texted and WhatsApp (I could see he’d been online), I rang at 17.30… nothing!
This man owes me £65, he has effectively stolen it from me and completely destroyed my faith in people. I haven’t been able to sleep and I feel completely stupid and a mug! This man’s name is Adam, he lives in Allaway Avenue. I feel right now I will never do anyone a favour ever again..share if you like

I’ve made this post public so you should be able to share away. This man has gone back on his word time and time again. he lives in Allaway Avenue
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