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Former Cowes Enterprise Teacher Went Mental And Attacks Pupil
Former Cowes Enterprise Teacher Went Mental And Attacks Pupil

Former Cowes Enterprise Teacher went mental and attacks pupil

A former Cowes Enterprise College teacher has appeared before the Isle of Wight magistrates court for sentencing this morning.

Father of Three Grahame Bell 46, of Coronation Road Cowes appeared before magistrates following a trial of assault that took place earlier in the year.

The former teacher was dismissed in December 2018 after he was found Guilty.

Bell worked at Cowes Enterprise College and was a staff member who was supervising pupils Whilst out on a school field trip being held away from the school in 2018 on the Island.

The court heard that Bell had asked the student who has special needs can’t be named for legal reasons to sit down whilst others ate food during a meal time at the summer camp.

Before the assault took place Mr Bell was seen to shout and swear at the pupil.

The pupil who has special needs remained standing. Bell than attempted to get the pupil to sit.

The court heard that Bell tried to push the boy down by his shoulders to the ground a second time.

This failed and the boy ran off towards the tent area.

It’s then that Bell attempted to take the boys legs out from under to bring him to bring him to the ground.

This was witnessed by another staff member Miss Davies who was the other teacher from the school who was supervising the group on the field trip.

Giving evidence during the trial she said that Bell went mental and exploded and dragged the distressed student some 6 metres towards a tree.

Former Cowes Enterprise Teacher Went Mental And Attacks Pupil
The pupil who was in a lot of distress was screaming out for him to leave him alone.

I could see Mr Bell pushing his legs into the pupil’s back he was going mental.

The student sustained a small bruise on the top off his shoulder.

In a victim impact statement, the court heard that the pupil spent the Summer holiday worrying about having to face Mr Bell again. He is now scared when other teachers approach him at school. The disgraced teacher is now working in a warehouse have been sacked as a teacher.

For Mr Bell Miss Chapman, said that the incident was out of character and an isolated incident. She said that her client was of previous good character and acted in a ‘moment of madness the court heard that his career of 18 years of being a teacher was now over. He regrets and has to live with that moment of madness will mean he will never work with children again.
The court sentenced Bell to a 12 month Community order with a 100 hours of unpaid work alone with a costs order of £400 pounds and a victim surcharge of £85.00.

A spokesperson for Cowes Enterprise College Said: “The behaviour of this former member staff was absolutely unacceptable and has no place in any school.”

“The wellbeing and safety of students is always our number one priority and we have robust safeguarding procedures to ensure this. As soon the head was made aware incident, The member of staff was suspended and informed all relevant authorities were informed.