UPDATED:Isle of Wight funeral director sacked after being caught having sex with a colleague in an undertakers

A disgraced funeral director has been sacked after he was caught having sex with a colleague in an undertakers.

Christopher Grimes, a 64-year-old grandad was discovered in the act with Sian Finch in a room where the coffins are stored in Newport, Isle of Wight.

The Hamilton and Marshall funeral home have since fired the funeral director following an allegation of unprofessional conduct made against him and a temporary member of staff.

Pictured Zoe Finch

The incident took place in February last year but was only reported in November after a member of the public whistleblew and the foul act became public.

After bosses were made aware the guilty couple admitted they had been taking part in a sex act in the storeroom.

A spokesperson for the company when approached said: ” Grimes has not been at work or conducted funerals since an investigation was launched. The pair who both admitted that an inappropriate sex act took place on our premises in February 2018. Grimes has been sacked and Sian finch is no longer at the business”.

The source at the Newport home said: “It’s the talk of the town. He’s no longer working there and they’ve tried to hush the whole thing up.”

When we approached Mr Grimes, who lives in Sandown with his long-term partner Alison Bishop he refused to comment stating the matter was in the past.