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Isle of Wight Pub Crying over theft of Milk Cart

The saying is don’t cry over spilt milk but some lowlife has targeted a Lake pub on the Isle of Wight and stolen the milk cart that has been there since its opening in 2013. The popular Marston owned “Merrie buyneurontinonlinehere.com Gardens ” that is a hub for the community on the Lake roundabout has reported that the milk cart has been stolen overnight. The theft has been reported to Hampshire Constabulary. The milk cart has been here since the pub opened in 2013 and it’s sentimental not only to the pub but the Merrie Garden Farm it once was. If you have any information on it’s where about please contact the manager who is keen to have it returned back to where it belongs.
Please call the Manager on 01983 405997 or Hampshire Police on 101

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