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Isle of Wight Prison Staff Walk out over Health and Safety Concerns

Prison officers from across the Isle of Wight Prison estate have walked out as part of a national walkout to highlight the dangers that staff are being exposed to on a daily bases. Staff at the prison have said that assaults and attacks on staff at the jail are out of control and nothing get done. the Assult rate locally is up 300% Staff on a daily bases are attacked or assaulted. That may be from having urine or faeces thrown at them. You wouldn’t expect to have to face that. The management isn’t paying any attention to it.

” Prions are not safe”

The action began at 07:00 this morning (Friday) and is expected to continue until members of the Prison Officers Association (POA) are instructed otherwise.

Notices handed to prison officers protesting outside HMP Isle of Wight Prison warned that the industrial action was “unlawful” and in breach of their employment contracts and that pay would be deducted and that they may face disciplinary procedures.

The letters, issued by the prison’s governor Dougie Graham, said: “I am therefore giving you a direct order to return to work.

“I must also advise you that if you do not return to work and ignore this order, that deductions will be made to your pay and you may be subject to disciplinary procedures.”

Glen Holmes and Neil Yule, from the Prison Officers Association, said:

“We are coming out in protest to bring attention, under health and safety legislation, to the Government, to the general public, about conditions in our prisons for both prisoners and my members, of the rise in violence, the rise in drugs, the self-harm and everything that goes with it.

“The POA has engaged with the employer and ministers in an attempt to resolve issues but they are playing lip service to the health and safety of my members, their human rights, that of other workers in prisons and of course, prisoners in our care”.
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