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Nuisance motorcycle incidents reduced in Southampton following Successful Operation

Reports of motorcycle incident reports across the Southampton west area have significantly decreased when comparing reports made in summer 2017 and summer 2018.

The success in the reduction of reports can be owed to Operation Torque, a local initiative set up by PC Simon Peacock whose mission has been to reduce the number of incidents involving motorcycles, mopeds and mini mopeds being ridden illegally and dangerously in the Millbrook and surrounding areas.

In July 2018, 16 incidents were recorded, compared to July 2017 when 65 incidents were recorded – a reduction of 75 per cent.

In August 2018, we received 18 reports of nuisance motorcycles being illegally ridden, when the year before the reports tallied up to 71 – a reduction of 75 per cent.

So far this September there have been thirteen incidents, when in 2017 September totalled 57. With just twelve days left of September, we hope this month will fall below last year too.

The Redbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team has taken formal action against six people this year so far found to be using motorcycles illegally or driving dangerously. Penalties have included points on licences, driving disqualifications and fines for no insurance.

The results from Operation Torque can be seen regularly on the @ShirleyPolice Twitter feed. Tackling this anti-social behaviour remains a priority for the Southampton West area and its success relies on the community intelligence.

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