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Emergency services called to Ryde seafront


Isle of Wight CoastGuard and Paramedics from Island’s Ambulance service have this evening been called to Ryde harbour following an incident. Members of the UK Coastguard from Bembridge and paramedics were mobilise just before 7 pm on Friday 6th of July 2018.
It is understood that a teenager had fallen on rocks and hurt her ankle after jumping with a group of others.

Paramedics with the assistants of coastguard have recovered the youngster on to a stretcher. The independent lifeboat Ryde Rescue two were also called to assist but stood down. The teenager has been taken to St Mary’s hospitial for treatment to a suspected twisted ankle.
The coastguard have issued safety advice on walking or playing near rocks: Rocky coastlines are great fun to explore, especially if there are rock-pools www.onlinepharmacytabs.com where you can study marine life. But remember that rocks are very unforgiving if you slip and fall or you are caught by an incoming tide.
• Wet rocks are very slippery and if you fall, you could be badly hurt and unable to get back to shore. Rocky coastlines are often lonely and there may not be anyone around to hear you shout for help if you get stuck.
• Don’t be tempted to investigate cliff caves. The cliff face may be unstable and dangerous, or the tide may come in and cut you off.
• Always know what the tide is doing and if it is coming in, watch it closely and give yourself plenty of time to get back to shore. Rocks are extremely treacherous in fast-moving water.

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