Lake town Councillor’s daughter jailed after horrific Knife attack in Ryde

A Lake town Councillor daughter has been jailed for Four years by Isle of Wight Crown following a pleaded guilty to possessing a knife blade / sharp pointed article in a public place, wounding with intent and assaulting a police officer, after an incident in Ryde last month (January).

Officers from Hampshire Constabulary were called to Ryde High Street at around 9.30pm on the 20 January, after reports of concern for welfare of a woman who was stopping traffic in the road.

As previously reported Police and Ambulance crews were called to the vicinity of Ryde High Street after concerns were raised for the welfare of a woman – now known to be Catherine Whittaker. She is said to have been wiping blood on cars and shouting ‘I hate men’.

In an act of goodwill, the male victim approached Whittaker to offer any assistance but he was slashed with a razor blade across his face leaving him injuries needing 30 stitches.

22 year old Catherine Whittaker of Sandown Road Shanklin the daughter to serving councillor Adrian Whittaker was sentence for the horrific attack that left a man needing stitches and has been scared for life.
Judge Robert Linford handed down a sentence of 4 years

It comes days after a homeless man was arrested by Police as Previously report outside a busy Newport Mcdonald’s for possession of a knife.

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