@SurreyRoadCops Policing Twitter account gives as good as it gets when motorists question its approach to cycling

Surrey’s roads policing unit has been running a close pass operation recently, but it’s arguably been making just as much of an impact when discussing its efforts with people on social media.

Officers from the force’s roads policing unit were out educating motorists about close passes by vehicles over taking cyclist.

Not everyone was happy with their efforts, but the Surrey’s roads policing unit is earning a reputation for giving as good as it gets on Twitter.

In one hour, officers stopped six drivers: four for close passes, one for not wearing a seatbelt and one for driving while using a mobile phone.

A second tweet that brought a smile involved a driver who had no insurance and it was his birthday

The account’s also debunked popular misconceptions about tax and insurance and has a witty way of addressing some of the every incident the road policing teams attend so if you want to bring a smile to you face follow them on twitter @SurreyRoadCops

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