Devon Man Loses everything to meet an underage Girl in Farnham Surrey


A heater engineer Kevin Mccole from Devon  came to Farnham to meet who he believed to be a 14yr old girl, following chatting to her on social media but  it was turned out  Shane Brannigan in his lastest Sting.

Like every one who gets caught out  Mccole came out with all sorts of excuses as to why he was in the location

He sent the decoy indecent pictures even though he was told before the decoy was only 14. He knew she was of school age because he was told in the second message sent form decoy.

This video is when he realises just what he has done and how much he has thrown away, all for the sake of a sexual encounter with a child.
He has destroyed his life and the world of his family, all for being a dirty old man who was attracted to who he believed to be a 14yr old girl.


He had booked a room in a hotel at the bottom of bacon lane of all places, seems very fitting if you ask me.
If you arrange to meet a child for sexual encounters you cross the line, in doing so you get labelled.
It really is that simple!

Why do some men and women find it acceptable, why do they never think about the worst case scenario? they lose everything!

They destroy the lives of their families all for a sexual encounter with a child, I seriously can’t understand the mind set of these stupid men who are blinded by their own sexual gratification.

This man has lost everything! He  has  been arrested  and is being  questioned about  various  offences by officers form Surrey Police. More  updated when we get them

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